I made a ‘part 1’ video of Things Not To Say To Actors, not too long ago. *Link Here*

Currently, I have two films in the festival circuit, and it has been wonderful. Acting will always be my first love, and to see my work be recognized on the big screen is a feeling that I can’t even describe.

That being said, I rarely wear makeup when I’m in a film (not every role calls for a full cake-face), but when if my film has a premiere, I’m going full glam on ’em!

What’s been bothering me is that a few times after a person has just seen my film, they will come up to me, meet me in person, and say “that was YOU?!! That does NOT look like you”. And I really took offense to that. I am an ACTOR, I’m suppose to look like the character! I don’t have to show up to an event (one thats important to me!) looking like Raggedy Ann because “thats what the character looked like”.

After this video went up, I received so much love from you guys, and I now look at it from a different perspective. People can say whatever they want, my hard work speaks for itself, and Ima do meeee.

However* I still think it’s shitty how some people are more visible if they look one way, and less visible when they look another. It shouldn’t be like that. I remember in my bartending days when a sleazy regular would come in, he’d flirt with all the other female bartenders, and they’d entertain him (no shade! just not my thing) and I’d even have to grab these dudes a drink here or there when their beloved bartender was on a break. Then on a day where I had makeup on, the same dude would introduce himself to me. “Oh heyyyy, you must be new here! My name is ___”. To which I’d always take offense, and respond “Actually I’ve worked here for 2 years, you’re just seeing me now because I’m wearing a push-up bra and fake eyelashes. I’ve served you multiple times”.  To which they’d respond by either arguing that “they come here ALL the time, and have never seen me” or they’d just shut up lol.

You don’t owe anything to anyone, and you can look/feel/be whoever the F** you wanna be!

Thank you guys for having my back this week and making me feel better.

I love you so much!



Watch The Video!

Alex Lynn Ward

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